Why is ATT Email Not Working & How to Fix?

ATT is one of the best email service providers due to its amazing and safe features. But as with other email services, it is also prone to errors. The most common problem users encounter is that ATT Email Not Working at the time of access and operations. This creates problems in sending and receiving emails, and these emails can be urgent. This issue happens due to improper email settings and other various reasons, which we will discuss in this blog. Here, you will also get the solutions to fix the not working issue with the ATT email. 

Reasons Why Your ATT Email Not Working

Besides the incorrect email server settings, there are many other factors for the ATT email issues.

  • The primary reason can be the slow or no internet service.
  • System Antivirus stops the accessing and functioning of the ATT email.
  • The operating system you are operating is not updated.
  • Due to the Web Browser cache and cookie memories.
  • Using wrong sign-in credentials.
  • An outdated version can create problems.

After knowing the primary causes for the att.net email not working issue, it’s time to fix the issue following sections.

How to Resolve ATT Email Issues?

Issues like ATT not sending or receiving emails can be serious sometimes when you have to send the documents via email urgently. Here you will get the approaches that can troubleshoot the ATT email not working issue easily. Here we go.

Approach 1: Check Your Internet Service

The first step you have to perform when your ATT email not working is to check the internet connection. Sometimes, we blame the service, but the reason is the internet. To check the internet connectivity, on the same browser open any website. If the website doesn’t open, then you should go to complain to the service provider. If the website opens, you can move to another solution. 

Approach 2: Update Your Web Browser

When the internet is working fine, and you are still facing the ATT email not working issue, then there must be a problem with the browser. When you are utilizing an outdated web browser, the ATT can’t be accessed and can’t send/receive emails. So it is basic to update the browser. Generally, the browser updates itself automatically, but if it doesn’t, then follow the given steps and update it:

Update Chrome – Windows

  1. In the first step, open the Chrome Browser and click on the Menu option.
  2. Then, go to Help and select the About Chrome option.
  3. If any updates are shown, install them by clicking the Update button. If the update button is not shown, then you have an updated browser. 
  4. When the update completes, relaunch the browser and inspect for the ATT email not working issue.

Update Safari – Mac

  1. Firstly, go to the Apple menu from the right corner.
  2. Secondly, click on Preferences and then System Preferences.
  3. After that, click on Software Update.
  4. If any updates showed, install them.

If updating the web browser doesn’t help you in fixing the AT&T email not working issue, then you should clear the cache and cookies memories from the browser. 

Approach 3: Clear Browser’s Cache and Cookies

The browser’s cache and cookies store the memories of the website in the browser. These memories can affect the ATT email functioning, and they prevent ATT from accessing. To resolve the ATT email not working issue, you must remove the browser cache and cookies as follows:

For Windows

  1. From the Browser, click on the Menu from the right corner.
  2. Then, from the More Tools choose the Clear Browsing Data option. 
  3. Now, you have to choose a Date Range to clear the cache of a particular date range. If you want to clear all cache and cookies, then select All Time from the drop-down. 
  4. After that, go to the Clear Data button. 
  5. At last, relaunch the Browser and check for the ATT email not working problem.

For Mac

  1. First, click on the Safari drop-down and choose Preferences.
  2. Now, go to the Advanced tab and choose the Show Develop menu bar checkbox. Close the Preferences window.
  3. After that, click on the Develop drop-down and select the Empty Cache option.
  4. In the last step, relaunch the browser. 

Approach 4: Temporary Disable System Antivirus

The system antivirus is also the primary reason for the ATT email not working issue, by which you can’t send and receive emails from ATT. So to fix the issue, you should temporarily disable the system antivirus. Disable the antivirus with the following steps:

  1. Go to Windows Start in the first step.
  2. Then, in the search, type Windows Security and choose the Windows Security app.
  3. After that, from Windows Security, click on Virus & Threat Protection.
  4. Now, under the Virus & Threat Protection Settings, choose Manage Settings.
  5. Next, switch the Real-Time Protection to off.
  6. At last, open the ATT email and check for the issue.

Approach 5: Update Email Server Settings

When the ATT email not working, it can be due to improper email server settings. These email servers are responsible for sending and downloading emails. When these email settings go wrong, you can face sending/receiving issues. So it is compulsory to update the email settings. Following are the steps for updating email server settings. 

  • From Windows Mail, choose your AT&T email account.
  • Then, verify the Account Name and then download the info.
  • After that, Update or Confirm the incoming email server info:
    1. Incoming email server – imap.mail.att.net 
    2. Port – 993 
    3. The server requires SSL to be selected
  • Now, update the Outgoing email server info:
    1. Outgoing email server – smtp.mail.att.net
    2. Port – 465 
    3. The server requires SSL to be selected
    4. The outgoing server requires authentication to be selected
  • Now, use the same Username and enter the password to send or receive email.
  • At last, close your settings

Finishing Up

Emails have become the most essential for anybody in this digital world. When the ATT email not working and you can’t send or receive emails, this can affect your work. So we have come up with this blog, where you find the best approaches for fixing the issue. The approaches are easy to follow; even if you are a new user, then you will not have any confusion. However, in case the issue still continues, then we are just a call away. Call email help pro and get your issue resolved. You can also Email us or use Live Chat for an instant solution. Thank You!

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