Easy Solutions For Roadrunner Email Not Working Problems

Roadrunner email service has been catering to people consistently for many years. Its features like good storage and ease of use have made it quite popular. But it is not that you cannot encounter problems while working with it over time. You can find your Roadrunner email not working, rendering you unable to carry out the desired tasks. Performance glitches, inability to log in, locked email accounts, and problems sending and receiving emails are common. 

Luckily, there’s a troubleshooting present for them which not every RR user is aware of. So in this post, you’ll read about effective fixes to restore the working of the Roadrunner email. 

Leading Causes Behind Roadrunner Email Not Working

Different RR issues arise due to various reasons. Here’s a list of these factors.

  • The IMAP and POP configuration is incorrect
  • Spectrum Net server is down
  • Your login credentials are wrong
  • Network issues are there
  • You have been locked out of your RR account, probably because it is compromised. 
  • The storage space in the system you are using is insufficient.

Fixes to Use for Roadrunner Webmail Issues

The causes mentioned above need to be fixed. So apply these solutions one by one. 

1. Do a Basic Troubleshooting

Sometimes, you only need to apply simple troubleshooting techniques to overcome the issue. Use these tips to rectify email problems. 

  • Ensure that there is a high-speed internet connection so you can send and receive emails. 
  • Check the RR server status. Visit websites such as DownDetector and find whether the Spectrum Net server is down.
  • See if your system has enough storage present to get new emails.
  • Check if the version of the Roadrunner account you have has adequate storage space. 
  • Use a compatible browser to access your emails. Install an update if it’s available. 
  • Open your RR webmail account in another supported web browser.
  • Disable antivirus or any other security program in your system for a while. 

2. Examine the Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings

Incorrect settings of your email account can make you notice Roadrunner email not responding. So, use these server settings and check for the issue. 

  • RR incoming server settings 
    1. The incoming server name should be pop-server.maine.rr.com.
    2. The port is 110
    3. The security type is None. 
    4. Type your RR email username and account password in their fields.
  • RR outgoing server settings
    1. The outgoing server name should be smtp-server.maine.rr.com.
    2. Use 587 as the port number. You can also use 25. 
    3. The security type is None. 
    4. Check the Require sign-in area. 
    5. Like before, the username and password will be your RR email account name and login password. 

3. Use a New Password

A great way to troubleshoot Roadrunner email problems, such as sign-in issues, is resetting the password. You can follow a simple process to change and make a new Roadrunner email account password. 

  • Navigate to the official login page of the Roadrunner email. 
  • When you land there, tap on ‘Forgot email password.’
  • Input your email address and verify your identity. 
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • A security question will show up. Answer it correctly. 
  • After you give the correct answer, you’ll be able to reset the password of your account. 
  • Use this password to sign in and access your email. 

4. Review the Mail Attachment Size

If you find that you cannot send emails from your account, it might be because of large attachments. Every email you try to deliver will come back into your account if its attachment is heavy. 

Note that the maximum file size for your messages, inbound or outbound, is 12 MB. Files larger than this will not get attached. You will need to divide them into smaller ones. Additionally, switch to another browser if the file attachment links are not opening. A browser that supports sharing files will make it easy for you to access attachments. 

5. Manage Spam Emails

People who usually get loads of spam messages often report their Roadrunner email stopped working. If you are getting lots of emails from unknown senders, you must block those contacts. Otherwise, the flood of unnecessary emails can create several other email issues. You may not be able to locate the emails you desire or remove important emails accidentally. Ensure that you create a spam filter so that no unwanted email shows up in your inbox. 

6. Address Roadrunner Email Not Working on Android

People using the RR email service on their Android smartphones also face a lot of email issues. However, you can troubleshoot them by configuring your account correctly. Use this sequence of steps and remove any email problems. 

  • On your Android phone, go to ‘Mail.’
  • Now, input the login credentials of your account. 
  • Head to the ‘POP‘ setting for the Spectrum incoming server.
  • Type in your account password.
  • Go through the POP server settings mentioned before in this post. 
  • Use the settings correctly. 
  • Next, choose the ‘IMAP‘ server and input the right settings. 
  • Finally, hit the ‘Done‘ button. 

7. Address Roadrunner Email Problems in Your iPhone

iPhone users with an RR account need not fret. Use these points to fix the email problem you are facing. 

  • In the ‘Settings section of your iPhone, tap the option ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.’
  • Now, choose ‘Add Account.’
  • Enter your RR login information.
  • Input the POP server settings in the field of ‘Incoming Email Server.’
  • Likewise, input IMAP server settings in the field of ‘Outgoing Mail Server.’
  • After inputting the correct settings, press the ‘Save‘ button.
  • Now you can begin using your email account. It should show no problems in its working.

8. Find Out If Your Account is Locked

If you haven’t yet uncovered a suitable solution, you can think about your account being locked. If you’ve been an inactive user for a long time, you may have been locked out of your account. It’s also possible that you have violated the privacy policy of Spectrum email. You need to reset your password in this case.

Summing Up

Many reasons lead to the Roadrunner email not working. Use these resolutions to fix problems in email settings, browsers, and sending and receiving emails. You can also talk to an expert email help pro service for advanced troubleshooting.

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