How To Fix When EarthLink Email Not Working?

EarthLink is one of the best providers of internet services. It also offers email support to its subscribers. Its webmail is easily accessible and comes with an intuitive interface and many features. However, this does not mean that you can never encounter any problems with this email. EarthLink email not working is a widely reported issue that can arise on browsers and phones. However, it’s easy to troubleshoot it when you know about the exact causes of it. There are multiple reasons which may cause you to face problems in sending, receiving, or loading emails. In this article, we’ll tell you the different causes as well as ways to fix this issue. 

Common Factors for EarthLink Email Not Working

There are certain factors that are responsible for a malfunctioning EarthLink email. They are mentioned below.

  • A server outage will cause EarthLink email to stop working. 
  • Excessive caches in your browser can also lead to this issue.
  • Improper internet connectivity. 
  • Wrong EarthLink configuration settings. 
  • Your email storage is full, so you cannot receive more emails.
  • Too many caches in the EarthLink app on Android or iOS devices. 

3 Quick Fixes for EarthLink Not Working Problem

Many of the resolutions for a malfunctioning EarthLink webmail are extremely simple. Use these measures one by one and check the status of the problem.

1. Examine the Server Status of EarthLink

If there’s an issue with the EarthLink servers, you don’t need to take any troubleshooting measures. It will be resolved from their end, and you cannot do anything, even if you need to access your email urgently.

2. Check for Issues with Your Internet Connection

An easy way to fix EarthLink email issues is to ensure that your internet connection has high speed. Run a speed test on your browser. If you identify any problem, talk to your internet service provider. Additionally, reboot the router and the modem.

3. Log Out of Your Account for Some Time

If you’ve checked the above two fixes but find issues with your EarthLink email, your account may have a problem. So, log out of your account for a while. Check for good signal strength and sign back in. It will ensure that the connection isn’t interrupted and that you can access the webmail.

Other Workarounds to Fix EarthLink Email Not Working Issue

In a majority of cases, the initial workarounds are enough to give you the desired outcome. However, it may be possible that you still find certain issues with your email’s working. In this case, you can implement the fixes below. 

Check the Server Settings of EarthLink

Wrong server settings will cause problems in the working of the email. All those who’ve added their EarthLink email to another email client like Outlook or Gmail should review these settings. 

  • POP (Incoming Mail Server) Settings
    1. is the name of the server.
    2. 110 is your port number.
    3. Write your entire EarthLink email ID as your username.
    4. Now, input your full EarthLink password in the password field. 
    5. The encryption or security is None.
  • IMAP (Incoming Mail Server) Settings
    1. is your server name. 
    2. Write 143 in front of the port number. 
    3. Fill out your EarthLink address in the Username field.
    4. The password of your EarthLink account will come in front of the Password field. 
    5. The encryption/security is None.
  • SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server) Settings
    1. is the name of the server.
    2. 587 will come in front of the Port number field. 
    3. Write Yes in front of the Authentication Required field.
    4. Input your EarthLink email ID as your username.
    5. Likewise, the EarthLink account password will be your password. 
    6. STARTTLS is the Security.

Resolve DNS Issues

A Domain Name System facilitates the IP address of a site to get recognized with certain words like .com. Your ISP provides this service. If you notice that your EarthLink email stopped working, you must clear the local DNS cache. Ensure that you have the most current cache. To do this, go to the ‘Start’ button of your Windows system and choose Command Prompt. In its window, input ‘ipconfig /flushdns.’ Now press Enter

Remove Cookies in Your Browser You Use

It is normal for cookies and cache to accumulate, especially in the browsers of those who use the internet actively. But you need to remind yourself to clear them periodically. Otherwise, you will notice your EarthLink email not responding. 

Chrome users can follow these points.

  • Launch the web browser and tap the ‘Menu’ icon.
  • Then choose ‘Settings’ from the enlarged menu.
  • From the left side, tap ‘Privacy and Security.’
  • Now, press the ‘Clear browsing data’ area.
  • Choose the time range to clear cookies and cache.
  • Ensure that you choose both the options of cookies and site data as well as cached images and files.
  • Now, tap ‘Clear data.’

Free Up Your Storage

The email storage limit is another important thing that people overlook. The EarthLink webmail has a specific storage limit. If it is full, you won’t receive messages. Use these pointers to create account storage.

  • In your browser, sign in to the EarthLink webmail.
  • You will find the current storage in the upper-left part of the dashboard.
  • Navigate to the inbox and other folders. Here, locate the ‘Size’ column.
  • Delete all the emails with larger sizes.
  • Select them and click ‘Delete.’
  • In order to permanently remove those large emails, go to the Trash folder and empty it.

Delete the Cache of the EarthLink App

Another prominent reason behind EarthLink not working is damaged cache files. They hinder the app from performing at its best. Android and iOS users can clear the app cache of EarthLink by following these steps. 

  • Android
    1. Launch your phone ‘Settings.’
    2. Now click ‘Apps.’
    3. In the apps list, choose and tap the EarthLink app. 
    4. Now, click ‘Storage’ on the page App Info.
    5. Finally, click the ‘Clear cache option.
  • Apple device
    1. Head to the ‘Settings’ of your device.
    2. Go to the ‘General’ section in settings.
    3. Here, choose ‘iPhone storage.’
    4. In the list of applications, find and tap the EarthLink app.
    5. Now, tap the ‘Offload app’ option.
    6. Tap it again to confirm. 

Final Words

Now that you know what to do when you find your EarthLink email not working, you can feel relieved. These measures will fix email issues in your browser and mobile phones. You can speak with email help pro experts if you need additional help with it. 

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